Elon Musk and Kanye West were formerly close pals. In general, Musk attended several of Ye’s Donda listening parties and was a major fan of the rapper.

However, after Musk acquired Twitter, things inevitably went south. Ye went back to the platform and began making fun of Elon right away. Because of his alleged crackdown on anti-Semitic information on the platform, he uploaded offensive images of the man. This occurred during Ye’s alt-right breakdown, and Musk finally moved.

The two have not spoken to each other since then. That doesn’t imply Ye hasn’t made an effort to connect, though. The artist appears to be missing his friendship with Elon in actuality. Ironically, it was Ian Connor who made this known to us. You can see that Ye took a screenshot of a text he sent Elon and instructed Ian to share it with the world in some texts that were uploaded to Instagram. There was one very special revelation being made here, as you shall read.

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First of all, Kanye tells Elon at the start of the message that he wants to chat to him. He is aware, though, that Musk is under no moral duty to talk. Ye then says that once they are back on speaking terms, their relationship cannot continue as it is. He also makes the shocking revelation that he does not believe he is bipolar. Rather, he believes that he developed autism as a result of the tragic vehicle accident he was in in the early 2000s. Many medical experts, we’re sure, would contest such a statement.

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Finally, he concludes by saying that Kim is hiding his kids from him. In addition, he offers Elon his assistance with Twitter, a “struggling platform.” Overall, they are all remarks that are rather consistent with Ye’s movements throughout the last many years. Please share your opinions with us in the space provided for comments below.


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