The features of Reels are being updated by Meta to help ad creatives do better.

The tech giant launched a bunch of new features that are meant to get more people involved and make campaigns work better.

Why it matters. The new features that Meta has added to Facebook and Instagram Reels ads can make making campaigns easier. Save time, and possibly lead to a better, more interesting ad. The new tools were also made to make the user experience better. By making the shopping process smooth and fast, the new tools will make it more likely that potential customers will buy.

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Ads for collections. This kind of ad is already on Instagram, and it is now being tried on Facebook Reels. There is one big movie or picture in this format, along with several smaller ones. Users can swipe through these pictures to learn more about the goods they want to buy.

Collection ads isn’t available to all marketers yet because it’s still being tested, but Meta has stated that it will soon be available to more people.

Multiple destinations for Reels rotating ads. Meta has added the ability for Reels scrolling ads on Facebook and Instagram to have call-to-action buttons that go to more than one place on iOS and Android devices. This lets brands use the pictures to send potential customers to more than one product page. This makes it easier for people to find the things they’re looking for, which could lead to more sales.

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Swipe left functionality: This feature can now be found on Facebook and Instagram Reels ads. It lets people swipe to learn more about goods they might be interested in, which makes shopping easier and improves the user experience, both of which could help increase sales.

The artistic suite is an advantage. Meta also said that it has been putting money into its Advantage+ creative suite by adding new automation tools for Reels ads, such as

Some changes have been made to Meta’s Advantage+ creative in Ads Manager to make it more automated. These changes include automatic templates that change non-9:16 media to 9:16 media.
Moving and depth in 3D.
Differences in aspect ratios.
Improvements to images and videos, such as color effects that make videos clearer.

Music: All Facebook and Instagram advertisers can now find, choose, and add music to their single picture Reels ads while the campaign is still being made. This will help get more people to click on and convert.

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Fit for the brand. In the end, Meta is also bringing its brand suitability Inventory Filter control and its third-party brand suitability proof solution to Facebook and Instagram Reels. These are being made available with Meta Business Partner Zefr. With this tool, advertisers can be even more sure that their ads won’t be shown next to offensive content that doesn’t fit with their brand’s ideals on these platforms.

What did Meta say? In a statement, Meta’s spokesman said:

“Because people watch Reels for longer on Facebook and Instagram (more than 200 billion plays every day), we are working on ways to make Reels ads more interesting for people and more useful for advertisers.”

“Campaigns that use ads with creative made for Reels do better.” Reels ad sets with vertical sound on video content had a 4.8% lower cost per action, a 5.1% higher click-through rate, and a 2.9% higher conversion rate than other types of video for direct response campaigns.


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