On Monday night, Terrell Owens was hit by a car. Police say it happened because he got into a fight with someone during a pickup basketball game earlier that day.

Another source has learned that Owens was hooping in the Calabasas area when he reportedly got into a fight with another person on the court.

We’re told that the man who was angry with the NFL star got into a car after the game and hit the former wide receiver in the knee with it.

Police say Owens did not need medical help, which is good news.

Police say they took a report for assault with a dangerous weapon, but no one has been arrested yet. An probe is still going on.

Owens has, of course, been involved in a number of similar strange events since he retired. For example, in 2022, he got into a crazy fight with a neighbor woman that ended up with the woman being charged with a crime.

After that, he got into a fight with a troll outside of a CVS later that same year.

Owens, who played in the NFL for the last time in 2010, has said that he did nothing wrong both times.


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