Netflix said last week that it wants to open real “experience” shops with themed food, show merchandise, the chance to meet actors, and paid shows. Yesterday, video rental stores Blockbuster and Redbox talked about what they thought about the news.

“Oh no… Should we tell Netflix what happens?” Blockbuster wrote on X, which used to be Twitter.

Redbox quickly responded to Netflix’s post with a Taylor Swift song line: “I think I’ve seen this movie before.”

Blockbuster has poked fun at the streaming giant online before. It looked like the company spoke out against Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing in May.

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Blockbuster tweeted, “A friendly reminder that when you used to rent videos from us, we didn’t care who you shared it with… as long as you returned it on time.” Netflix was tagged in the post.

Blockbuster was a well-known chain that many families looked forward to going to on the weekends. The market worth of the video rental chain started to drop when Netflix and Redbox came out. In 2010, the company filed for bankruptcy. There is still one Blockbuster shop left, and it’s in Bend, Oregon.

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Redbox had 42,000 machines in more than 34,000 places at its peak. The company had more than 100 million renters in 2008. Even though Redbox has had a hard time with the rise of streaming services, the company is still open for business.

After Netflix’s rapid rise to fame, which was a big reason why physical rental stores shut down for good, the company’s plans to open physical stores feel like a full circle.

Opening fancy stores in real life is a big deal when most streaming services are having a hard time staying profitable, let alone making money. We don’t know yet how much the “Netflix House” experience will cost, but if prices keep going up, people may not want to spend as much. Because the economy is unclear right now, everyone is tightening their belts. Streaming services help people save money in a simple way.


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