Why not increase DIRECTV’s price? Netflix, YouTube Premium, and Discovery+ are just a few recent services that have implemented price increases.

Beginning on November 5, subscribers of DIRECTV STREAM and DIRECTV satellite service will be charged an additional fee.

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“We are making a price adjustment to your television package to ensure that it continues to provide the highest quality programming while remaining competitive in the marketplace.” The fees charged by television networks to DIRECTV for the distribution rights of their produced content, including movies, programs, and sporting events, continue to rise. “Our dedication to providing you with high-quality programming at an affordable cost remains unwavering,” the organization stated in a post elucidating the alterations in DIRECT STREAM pricing on its website. In doing so, the company discreetly abated the criticism by attributing responsibility to the networks. (As Cord Cutters News notes, the company also increased prices earlier in 2023; this is the second price hike of the year.)

AT&T divests a minority stake in its troubled stock. The DirecTV Company
The extent to which customers will incur additional costs is contingent upon the package they possess from the company; however, the range is from $9.99 for Showtime to $10 for the “Ultimate Premiere” tier. While prices may fluctuate marginally for the company’s “grandfathered” packages, it appears that the days of securing those deals are over. Your DIRECTV STREAM subscription with an introductory offer is valid “until it expires.” The bundle will be sold at the then-current price once the offer period concludes. (For more, see here.)

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DIRECTV satellite and internet customers may incur increases ranging from $1 to $10, contingent upon their package selection. Additionally, certain individuals may be subject to a “Regional Sports Fee” of up to $2, contingent upon their location (for more information on the specific increases, please consult the rates for your zip code).


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