As Afrobeats musician Davido joins the series, the Amazon Music ‘Original Orchestrations’ playlist on YouTube has notched up 43 million views. Here’s the most recent.

Amazon produced ‘Original Orchestrations’ to promote Amazon Music by featuring exclusive music from popular artists. Amazon claims that for this session, Davido was taken out of the recording studio and into the historic Chiswick House Conservatory. “Accompanied by the original African orchestration and musicians, including The Compozers and Balimaya Project, the stunning glass structure was transformed with boldly colored drapes and fabrics to match the celebratory and joyous nature of the track,” the business said in a statement.

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“The video was captured using an intricately choreographed one-shot technique, showcasing the space and musicians in one stunning and consistent evolving camera move.” The video will be available on Davido’s YouTube account and the Amazon Music app.” On October 27, the video for ‘FEEL’ will be released.

“‘FEEL’ is a song that means so much to me and really represents honorable love,” Davido says of the music video. “When Amazon asked me to come in as the first African artist to be a part of this series, I was excited and wanted to challenge myself to take things to new heights with a brand new arrangement.”

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“It was amazing getting to work with my brothers the Compozers, and this talented group of musicians, singers, and dangers. Being at AIR studios and working with the Amazon music team was a privilege. I can’t wait for you all to experience the magical track and music video that we created.”

The piece challenges the boundaries of the Amazon Original Orchestrations program and was created in partnership with Davido, The Compozers, and Balimaya Project. Who are recognized for fusing West African folkloric Mandé music with jazz and Black London songs. A complete orchestra and a 36-piece choir accompanied them, merging a classic orchestration technique with rich African instrumentation and customs.


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