YouTube just released a new ad package called Spotlight Moments. It will show your brand’s videos next to “the most relevant and engaging content associated with the moment.”

How it does its job. YouTube can find famous videos about cultural events by using AI. As an example, since Halloween is coming up, Spotlight Moments:

Allows advertisers to show ads on YouTube videos that are related to Halloween.
puts together playlists of YouTube videos that are changed all the time on a sponsored hub.

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Culture Hub on YouTube. On the paid YouTube Culture Hub, all of the movies will live. The advertiser’s logo will be on this hub. That looks like this:

Why it matters. With YouTube’s new advertising options, your brand could be seen during important culture moments, and you could reach your target audience. How much money your company will make from this type of ad is the big question.

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Even though Spotlight Moments is still in test, it has already shown signs of being useful. Advertisers who used Video Reach Campaigns with in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts got 54% more views at a 42% lower cost per impression (CPM) than advertisers who only used in-stream. In tests, Video View Campaigns got the same results as in-stream only: 40% more views and a 30% lower cost-per-view.

As planned, all marketers will be able to use Spotlight Moments starting in November.


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