According to Jada Pinkett Smith, Tupac might have had a wife. Pinkett Smith disclosed that Pac asked her to marry him while he was incarcerated in Rikers Island during an interview with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson for the All the Smoke podcast.

Pinkett Smith remarked, “Seeing him there, the condition that he was in, and having to leave him there.” “He wasn’t doing well. Thus, he was at Rikers when he proposed to me.

“I was going to spend time with him anyhow, but I realized at the moment that he needed someone to do that. To achieve that, he was not required to wed me. This is me. He required a stone. He yearned for that firm base because of our relationship and everything we had experienced together.

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Pinkett Smith feels that as soon as Tupac got out of jail, he would have divorced her. All of it is audible from her below.

Jada Pinkett Smith formally acknowledged in a different interview what many in the hip-hop community had long assumed to be true: Tupac was her soulmate.

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Pinkett said that Tupac was her soulmate and that she thought they had lived together in a previous lifetime in an interview with journalist Christal Jordan at RollingOut.

“Soulmates can take many different forms,” Pinkett Smith remarked. “If reincarnations exist, I firmly believe that Pac and I have shared several lifetimes.”

Pinkett Smith claims that even though there was no spark between the two, she never regretted trying to start a romance.

More audio is provided below.


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