TikTok has partnered with Disney despite continuous regulatory scrutiny, including well-publicized litigation brought by Utah and other states.

Today, TikTok and Disney formally announced their partnership, which will focus on a range of “Disney100” content inside the short-form app. The “first-of-its-kind content hub,” created to commemorate the elder company’s 100th anniversary, is anticipated to be accessible to TikTok users in 24 markets for four weeks starting on Monday, the 16th.

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The parties involved state that the in-app service will feature brands such as Pixar, National Geographic, ESPN, Star Wars, and Marvel in addition to more than 48 Disney TikTok handles.

The organizations stated that TikTok’s user base, which is primarily young, will have the opportunity to play quiz games, watch specially prepared movies, make films “with Disney music and effects,” and collect “Character Cards” in order “to win unique profile frames.”

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TikTok is reportedly compiling a Disney100 playlist, namely in the music category, which it has now entered with a plethora of features, a stand-alone streaming app, and even an on-platform competition for unsigned bands. According to the businesses, the playlist would feature “some of the most popular hits” from Disney’s repertoire.

In summary, Disney will become a US “TikTok Pulse Premiere publisher” as a result of the complex union. This means that advertisers will be able to choose to place ads next to the entertainment company’s content on users’ For You feeds, as per the ByteDance subsidiary.

As previously stated, the Disney deal comes at a time when politicians and government officials from the U.S., Europe, and other countries are scrutinizing the extremely contentious TikTok.

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TikTok, which has long faced criticism for allegedly poor user data handling—exacerbated by reports that account information is kept in China and is subject to unilateral access by the Chinese Communist Party—was fined $368 million last month by European regulators for violating children’s privacy.


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Prior to that, in August, New York City joined a number of other states and nations in outlawing the use of TikTok on official equipment. Despite these and other obstacles, the service has persisted in pushing forward with additional offerings. Executives don’t plan to stop operating in the United States anytime soon, if the developments provide any indication.

In addition to the Disney deal announced today, TikTok and Warner Music Group have reached a comprehensive agreement that will see the incorporation of WMG artists’ music into the Commercial Music Library and the release of an AI-powered music composition app by ByteDance in 2023.


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