Dillon Danis has called Logan Paul’s fight with him “bullshit” following a number of questionable decisions by Paul and Misfits Boxing.

Paul allegedly weighed in for the bout in England around 11:40 a.m. local time. That is about an hour beyond the boxing commission’s weigh-in deadline, according to Danis. “According to the commission’s rules, weigh-ins should take place between 10 and 11 a.m.” If you miss the 11 a.m. deadline, you will lose weight.

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Logan hasn’t weighed in yet, despite the fact that I did at 10:15. The battle will be called off if he does not appear by the 11 a.m. deadline. He didn’t make the weight, but he contacted the misfits and modified the rules to give himself an hour. We should all be on the same playing field, and he should not be given preferential treatment. He’s already more potent than Tropicana. He simply did not get the weight. “They’re trying to limit my abilities as much as possible,” Danis revealed on X.

Danis continued to post about the scenario while the fight was still going on. “KSI and Misfits are paying for this phony commission.” They say whatever they want in order to be compensated. “This whole thing is a load of nonsense,” Danis stated. People began to pour on Danis, accusing him of attempting to avoid another fight, but Danis stood firm. “This isn’t a complaint. What is just is just. I ain’t nobody’s bitch if I don’t take drug tests or disobey the weigh-in guidelines. I’m in charge of the show. “Fuck Logan Paul,” he said. This also included a new claim: Misfits had dropped the drug testing demand that they had publicly pushed for in recent weeks.

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Meanwhile, Drake has also entered the fray. The rapper laid down $850,000 for Logan Paul to KO Dillon Danis. “Never bet against personal vendetta and settling scores,” the rapper wrote with a photo of his bet on Instagram. Drake will get slightly more than $1.35 million if Paul comes through for him, according to the image. Drake lost $250K the last time he bet on a Paul family event. Back in August, Drake bet the same amount on Nate Diaz defeating Jake.

Despite being the huge underdog in the match, Danis was not pleased with the wager. “850 on my head is disrespect,” Danis commented beside a photo of himself with Drake on X. Paul is the heavy favorite at the time of writing, with an 85% chance of winning and -580 odds. Furthermore, Paul has received approximately 63% of public bets to defeat Danis.


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