Sharon Osbourne said that she and her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, still have a suicide pact in place in case they become terminally ill.

The family discussed the assisted suicide deal on the newest episode of The Osbourne Podcast, which features the married couple as well as their children Jack and Kelly Osbourne.

Jack began by meditating on news headlines over the years about his parents’ plans to travel to Switzerland for assisted death if either of them develops an illness like Alzheimer’s.

Sharon initially revealed these plans to the public in 2007. In an interview with the Daily Mirror, she stated that she and her husband “100% believe in euthanasia.”

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“[We] have made plans to go to the assisted suicide flat in Switzerland if we ever get a brain illness,” she added.

“If Ozzy or I ever got Alzheimer’s, that’s it – we’d be off.”

On the podcast, Jack asked Sharon if that was still the plan.

“Do you think we’re going to suffer?” said the 71-year-old.

Sharon refused to listen to Jack’s argument that “we are already [all] suffering.”

“Yes, we are all, but I don’t want it to hurt as well.” Without physical agony, mental anguish is enough. So, if you’ve got mental and physical strength, see you later,” his mother replied.

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Sharon’s daughter Kelly chimed in, asking if her parents would reconsider their intentions if they could survive their illness.

“Yeah, what if you survived and you can’t wipe your own ass, you’re pissing everywhere, sh**ting, can’t eat,” she said.

Sharon previously stated that the assisted suicide pact arrangement was reached following her father’s death.

“I witnessed my father suffer from [Alzheimer’s] from the day he returned to my life in 2002 until the day he died in July [2007].” “There’s no way I could go through what he went through, let alone put my children through it,” Sharon remarked in 2007.

“At least with cancer, you can communicate, express your feelings, and explain why your body hurts.”

Sharon said that because disorders like dementia are genetic, she would want to be ‘put out of [her] misery’ at the first indication of it.

In 2014, Ozzy told the Daily Mirror that his and his wife’s assisted suicide agreement had been amended to encompass any ‘life threatening ailment’ in addition to dementia.


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