YouTube TV has been claiming for a while that switching from cable will save you hundreds of dollars. Now, though Google says it will stop using that marketing claim after Spectrum’s parent company Charter filed a complaint with the National Advertising Division.

The Better Business Bureau’s NAD division recommended that Google withdraw the claim following a challenge from Charter Communication, the company that operates the Spectrum cable service. The regulator claimed that Google’s computation was predicated on the price of two set-top boxes per household for “standalone cable” services, but it disregarded the availability of streaming alternatives from cable providers like Charter that don’t call for a set-top box.

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“The NAD determined that the claim fairly conveys the cost of YouTube TV is compared to all cable services in the context of the ‘cable’ comparison,” the NAD stated.

Additionally, it pointed out that it could be challenging to find “comparable” options in the “dynamic and competitive market,” noting that YouTube TV does not offer some regional sports networks that cable providers do. Although the NAD suggested removing the advertisements, it stated that Google is still free to make other accurate statements on the cost of its service in comparison to cable.

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Google “unequivocally disagrees” with the ruling and intends to appeal it, the company stated in the NAD statement. Google will no longer use the $600 claim in its advertisements after acknowledging the verdict.


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