X (previously Twitter) has partnered with the Google Display Network.

Following a significant drop in advertising revenue early this year, the social platform has chosen to begin outsourcing the selling of some of its ad space.

Advertisers will be able to access the X home feed inventory in the future via Google Ads Display campaigns; however, the actual terms of the contract remain unknown.

This is an opportunity to reach X’s massive audience of over 200 million actively engaged daily users by utilizing Google Ads’ familiar campaign setup and targeting capabilities. It’s worth mentioning that X does not have the same stringent advertising guidelines and practices in place when it comes to ad placement, so your campaign could run alongside unconstrained and even objectionable content.

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Why is it now? Following Elon Musk’s takeover last year, X’s ad revenue fell 59% in the United States alone. Because advertising accounted for 90% of X revenue in 2022, this drop had a significant impact on profit.

With these numbers in mind, Musk has been attempting to tackle the ad revenue problem, first by bringing in new CEO Linda Yaccarino in May, and now by outsourcing certain ad sales to one of the advertising industry’s top companies, Google.

Effective marketing. The new alliance has great potential, according to Tom Ruff, Head of Social at digital marketing agency Journey Further, but it will rely on how the companies share their data. He elaborated:

“Google combining data with X potentially makes it the most powerful marketing database out there, so I will be interested to see how that evolves.”

“If you’re able to use the X audiences across search and display campaigns, it could link up the user journey in ways we haven’t seen before, but, if the campaigns and data aren’t joined up then it will just be another placement and overall performance will suffer.”

What did Google say? According to a Google spokesperson,

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“Like a number of social apps and websites, X has signed up to monetize its home feed with Google Ad Manager.”

“This is an opportunity for our advertisers to reach a larger audience, but as always, they have complete control over which sites and apps their ads appear on.” Any publisher who takes part in this form of collaboration must follow our publisher policies.”

Will Google assist X in finding the optimal income spot? Keep an eye out.


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