The video below shows an NBA cameraman catching the perfect shot of the ball traveling across the court as the Phoenix Suns score. There are some things in life that are just insanely satisfying.

People who like basketball are so pleased with his “insane” skills that the video has gone public on social media. Really, take a look at this:

The game was a playoff between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns. It was filmed during the previous NBA season.

With all the noise and fast play on the court, the unknown cameraman shows that he is the star of the show by zooming in and out on players with great skill.

The TV worker seems unfazed as he moves the heavy camera and watches the tense exchanges between the teams as they fight for the ball. An NBA fan watches on.

After a few seconds, the cameraman quickly reacts as the basketball goes across the floor and into the net. The live video then moves smoothly from side to side.

It’s so exciting to watch that he even got Chris Paul’s reaction when the Phoenix Suns scored a point.

Most of us would get whiplash from all the fast movement, but the photographer doesn’t seem to mind and keeps record the game.

Needless to say, the video has been given a second chance on Reddit, where it has received over 59,000 points as fans react to the mesmerizing viral video.

One fan wrote in the comments that they were shocked when they realized it wasn’t more than one operator at work.

“Damn, if I saw this on TV I would have thought it was put together from several cameras, that’s impressive,” they said.

Another watcher, who was just as amazed, asked how this could have been shot and added, “Do these camera operators also pull focus at the same time?” That’s likely, but this much action while tracking, pulling attention, and framing? Holy crap, that’s a lot to do.

Others were amazed at how quickly the camera had picked up on the players watching.

Someone else on Reddit said, “What was crazy was how fast he got back to the player’s face after the shot.”

At the same time, a former camera operator talked about how hard the catch sports are.

“Many years ago, I worked as a camera operator for a local news station.” According to them, one of their regular tasks was to film high school football games. That’s when they realized how hard it is to film sports.

It’s clear that NBA employees are just as hardworking as the players.


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