Fubo, a live TV streaming service, announced on Tuesday the opening of a new consolidated data center, which it thinks will improve the speed and quality of its video transmission.

The change should help Fubo handle the demands of live streaming better, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for customers. The move may not be evident immediately away, but it might pay off when Fubo’s viewership increases and company has to service more subscribers.

With this update, one important prospect for Fubo is the ability to eliminate the delay between streaming and cable TV. Higher speed and fewer latency periods mean faster loading streams and faster access to your favorite channels.

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In a Facebook post, Mike Barkley, Chief Product Officer of Fubo, stated that the following features would be available soon:

Hi folks,

We will shortly release a new update for Android / Google TV (version 5.3.0). This update addresses a lot of feedback we’ve heard from some of you about the new UI. Here’s a quick look at what’s in the release:

  1. Support for changing the channel with the channel up/down button on remote control
  2. Support for the CC button on remote3. Scrolling to the currently playing channel when the channel selector in the player is opened (down click while watching)
  3. Current time indicator line in the Guide
  4. Improvements to reduce buffering on certain channels
  5. Lots of other bug fixes

Additional updates and bug fixes will be forthcoming for Android / Google TV soon, as well as for Fire TV.

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Thanks, everyone.


Fubo’s Chief Product Officer, Mike Berkley

You may have noticed the new user interface if you are a Fubo live TV subscription. Fubo has revealed to Cord Cutters News that they have begun testing a re-design of their apps for Fire TV and Android TV devices, which will include a new user experience dubbed their worldwide “Unified Platform (UP).”

This new Fubo user interface depicts a revised app that is available on TV, mobile, and the web. This week, a small group of users has been invited to participate in a beta test of the new app. According to Fubo, the new user interface is currently available for Android TV and select Fire TV devices.

According to Fubo, the primary menu has been shifted from the top of the screen to the left side, making it easier to rapidly get to what you want.


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