Barry Melrose, widely regarded as the preeminent NHL analyst on television, has received a tragic diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. In order to combat the illness, he will be relinquishing his position at ESPN.

John Buccigross, a veteran ESPN personality, just minutes ago on X made the devastating revelation that Melrose will be away from the camera and spending time with his family for the foreseeable future.

“Barry and I have collaborated at ESPN for more than twenty-five years,” Buccigross stated. “Cooky cigar bars filled with hearty laughter and cold beers.” With a razor-sharp intellect and an awe-inspiring appearance, he was consistently punctual. His devotion is undeniable. He will be missed.”

“Wayne Gretzky on a life dedicated to hockey,” he continued.

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Melrose spent years coaching and playing in the NHL prior to 1996, when he began providing game breakdowns for ESPN. Soon after returning from a brief absence to coach the Lightning, he resumed his duties on the network.

Since then, he has become an indispensable component of NHL broadcasts; commissioner Gary Bettman remarked on Tuesday, “Hockey on ESPN would be different without him.”

“Barry’s gigantic personality and trademark style have made our game bigger, more exciting and more entertaining,” Bettman asserted.

“His enthusiasm for the sport of hockey is evident and contagious.” It is also unattainable to engage in discourse with him while not maintaining a cheerful expression.

Quickly recover, Barry.


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