Kai Cenat is without a doubt one of the most popular streamers in the world right now.

He has millions of fans across all of his platforms, and he speaks for young people in many ways. But over the weekend, he got involved in a fight between Joe Budden and Drake. After “For All the Dogs” came out, Budden criticized Drake’s record. Budden thought the pop star was talking and singing like a child and the project was weak. Budden, who is 36 years old, would have liked Drake to be more mature.

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Besides that, Budden said some mean things about Kai Cenat. He didn’t say anything bad about Cenat, but he did say that Drake shouldn’t hang out with “kids.” In the end, it was a harsh criticism, and many people were interested in hearing Cenat’s response. Since Drake and Joe Budden are fighting a lot right now, it makes sense for Cenat to deliver for his team. So, that’s exactly what he chose to do on Monday night.

“I’ll be taking care of my own business,” Kai Cenat said in a serious tone. “I always catch a stray however I can.” Zion Williamson went through this, and that other btch caught a stray from her. Why do you always catch strays, my n? I’m always hearing bad things from that n*. This man told me he couldn’t wait for me to be caught and jailed for what happened in August. As you might expect, Joe doesn’t like Cenat, and the user is tired of being talked about. It’s simple to understand where he’s coming from in this case.

This week, Joe Budden is putting out a couple of podcast episodes. It will be interesting to see if he reacts.


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