People are taking to social media to denounce The Blind Side author Michael Lewis’ comments about NFL star Michael Oher’s lawsuit.

On August 14, Oher filed a suit in a Tennessee court saying that the Tuohy family never formally adopted him and that they profited from the 2009 film The Blind Side based on his life.

The athlete also blasted the film, accusing it of distorting his narrative.

Michael Lewis, the author of the 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, on which the film is based, has recently remarked on Oher’s case against the Tuohys.

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According to Oher’s lawsuit, the Tuohy family ‘tricked him’ into signing forms that made them his conservators.

People are flooding to social media to condemn Michael Lewis’ words. Credit: X/ Phil_Lewis_

The American football player also claims he received nothing from The Blind Side, whereas the Tuohys received ‘$225,000’ plus ‘2.5 percent’ of the film’s ‘specified net earnings’.

According to the film’s producers, the family and Oher collected approximately $767,000 in total from The Blind Side payments.

Because the people the film was based on were thought to be “relatively unknown individuals,” this amount “did not include significant payouts in the event of the film’s success.”

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The Tuohys have refuted the allegations in Oher’s complaint, calling it a “shakedown effort” and calling the assertions “hurtful and absurd.”

Lewis, the author of The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, has supported the Tuohys, claiming Oher would not have progressed as far in his profession without the family’s assistance and that he was ‘not useful’ in football until they taught him more about it.

Lewis states that when he originally approached Oher about his experience, the player was “not a strong voice on his life” and “didn’t tell his story.”

“I had to go dig out his story, and I did it all with his permission,” the author explains to the Guardian.

Lewis looked on Oher’s lawsuit as a “change in behavior,” which he compares to “what happens to football players who get hit in the head: they run into problems with violence and aggression.”

However, the author’s words have prompted outrage, people are flocking to social media to respond to Lewis’ statements claiming Oher’s lawsuit is a result of ‘aggressive’.

“This is sooooo sad,” one X – formerly known as Twitter – user lamented. They used his ‘violence and anger’ to generate money off of him, and now that they have the money, they use it against you.”

“‘Violence and aggression’ when talking about a Black person is most definitely a racist dog whistle!!” someone else said.

Another replied, “Wow…calling this man ‘aggressive’ because he no longer wants to be used by those frauds is such classic gaslighting.”

And a fourth question was answered: “Violence and aggression? Has Michael, for example, threatened anyone with violence? Aggression? It’s not knuckle sandwiches, but court documents. “Those words used by the author are code.”


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