Nicole Brown Simpson ‘knew’ she was going to be slain, according to Kris Jenner, who admits she has always felt ‘responsible’ for not doing more before her friend was murdered.

Nicole was found stabbed to death at her Los Angeles home on June 12, 1994, alongside her friend Ronald Goldman, sparking one of the most high-profile murder investigations in recent history.

Her ex-husband OJ Simpson was linked to the deaths at the time, but he was found not guilty at the end of a contentious 11-month trial.

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In a civil trial, the 76-year-old was ultimately found guilty of the killings, although he has always maintained his innocence.

Robert Kardashian, the father of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian, as well as their brother Robert, and Kris Jenner’s ex-husband, was at the heart of Simpson’s legal defense.

While Robert was close to OJ, Kris was close to his then-wife Nicole, a friendship that they continued after their divorces.

The new Sky documentary House of Kardashian, which covers the family’s “rise, reach, and the cost that comes with having Kardashian-level fame,” includes archive footage from outside the courthouse.

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In the video, Kris speaks to reporters while being accompanied by her then-partner, Caitlyn Jenner.

Kris claims, “She was aware. She informed me.”

When asked what Nicole had told her, Kris responds, “He’s going to kill me and get away with it.”

“[She said it] through the years.”

Caitlyn recalls Nicole calling Kris a week before she was murdered in the documentary.

“She says, ‘I have to talk to you,'” she says.

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“And they were going to eat lunch.” Nicole was afraid for her life, and she wanted to meet with Kris to record everything in case something bad happened.

“Unfortunately, that meeting never happened.”

While Kris and her family declined to participate in the new docu-series, she can be heard in an audio clip admitting she feels ‘guilt’ for what happened to Nicole.

“I’ll always feel bad.” “I didn’t pay more attention, didn’t speak up when I thought something was wrong, and I didn’t ask her if she wanted to talk about it more,” Kris adds.

The new three-part docu-series includes “firsthand testimony from some of those within the Kardashian-Jenner inner circle, including Caitlyn Jenner herself,” challenging viewers to “think about the power and influence the family wields.”

House of Kardashian begins on Sky Documentaries on October 8th.


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