MrBeast is known for his epic, high-value giveaways, but the YouTuber is advising viewers not to fall for one particular offer involving an AI version of himself.

MrBeast’s YouTube page shows that the content producer recently offered $500,000 to a subscriber who managed to’survive 100 days in a circle,’ as well as a whole island to the individual who became his 100,000,000th follower.

So, with Apple’s iPhone 15 now on the market, it’s highly possible that MrBeast will be giving away the new smartphone.

A video circulating online suggests he’s doing just that, with MrBeast – or someone who looks like MrBeast – declaring that 10,000 individuals would be able to get their hands on an iPhone 15.

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“If you’re watching this video, you’re one of the 10,000 lucky people who’ll get an iPhone 15 Pro for just $2,” starts out.

“Hello, my name is MrBeast, and I’m hosting the world’s largest iPhone 15 giveaway.” Click the link below to get yours right away.”

It’s a convincing video, and there’s little reason to doubt it at first glance. But it’s not MrBeast, you see.

While the video shows the content producer, he is not saying the words – they are the result of an amazingly accurate AI deepfake.

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Deepfake films employ artificial intelligence to generate entirely new video or audio, making it appear as if people, including celebrities, did or said something that never occurred.

MrBeast issued a warning to internet users after becoming aware of the deepfake, which he claims has already appeared in certain people’s internet feeds.

“Lots of people are getting this deepfake scam ad of me…,” he posted to X. “Are social media platforms prepared for the rise of AI deepfakes?” This is a major issue.”

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Cristina López, a senior analyst at Graphika, a company that studies the flow of information through digital networks, told Insider that deepfakes are created by a computer that has ‘been trained by numerous existing photos’.

There are several symptoms of deepfakes that you can look out for to prevent falling victim to one of the fake videos.

This includes any fuzzy or obscure visuals, unusual lighting, and phrases or noises that do not appear to correspond to what is happening on screen.

You should also look into where the video came from and conduct more investigation into any service or scheme that the video may be presenting to guarantee it’s authentic.


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