Mase just sparked a decades-long argument on his sports talk program with Cam’ron by remarking on Keefe D’s arrest in the Tupac Shakur murder case.

Together with a special guest, comedian Bubba Dub, they dubbed the development the “trash moment of the week.” Furthermore, the rapper noted sarcastically that something about the moniker sounded familiar, which elicited laughter from Cam and Bubba. He pretended to be unaware, prompting the comic to explain the situation and even emulate Diddy’s dance, knowing that Mase had just hinted that his former rival Sean Combs was involved.

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“I pray 2Pac gets justice, whoever is involved,” he stated, which caused his Dipset co-host to giggle and shake his head with his arms in the air. These charges came directly from Keefe D, who said in a 2008 police confession that he discussed a plan with Diddy to assassinate both Tupac and Suge Knight in the mid-1990s. Nonetheless, the Southside Compton Crips member said that the mogul’s cash never arrived. Of course, Diddy has previously adamantly denied any connection.

According to the tale, or at least what authorities suspect, Tupac was shot dead in 1996 by Orlando Anderson (Keefe D’s nephew) immediately after the rap legend attacked him in a Vegas MGM hotel and casino. Anderson allegedly took a Death Row associate’s chain months before. During a recent conversation, Tupac’s brother mentioned Diddy’s possible participation.

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“This individual [Keefe D] mentioned [Diddy’s] name,” Mopreme Shakur explained to The Comedy Hype News Show. “Law enforcement has a responsibility. Will they follow through? It does feel like ‘Pac is being vindicated, because when things were bad, everyone believed he was crazy. He may not have said it well, but it does not mean he was incorrect. So we’ll have to wait and see.”

“They’re going to need very credible substantiating witnesses,” former LAPD investigator Greg Kading said of Combs’ involvement in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “They’d have to say, ‘I was there when I heard him make the solicitation,’ or ‘I was there when the money got paid, and it was very clear that that money was designated for this purpose,’ or ‘I delivered the money.'” I’m not sure if those people exist or not. I’ve always been skeptical of the ‘Puffy’ Combs link. Puffy isn’t built like Suge Knight, and I don’t believe Puffy was trying to kill Tupac or Suge on purpose. I dislike Puffy. “I don’t believe he’s a murderer.”


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