Suge Knight, an eyewitness to the 1996 shooting, declines to testify against Keefe D in the Tupac Shakur murder prosecution.

Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight adds a wrench to the works by declining to testify, despite recent advancements in the investigation into Tupac Shakur’s 1996 murder. The only person who is still alive is Duane “Keefe D” Davis, who was detained by Las Vegas police last week in connection with the murder. Davis is suspected of planning the hit on Tupac.

The 60-year-old Davis, a former gang member, is accused of murder with the use of a lethal weapon with the purpose to support, encourage, or assist a criminal gang. These are the first accusations in the nearly 30-year-old case; Tupac Shakur, then 25 years old, was shot on the evening of September 7, 1996, and passed away from his wounds a few days later.

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Suge Knight was a witness to the Las Vegas shooting and is currently serving a 28-year term for voluntary manslaughter in a separate case. In addition to being injured in the drive-by shooting, the former record executive was sitting next to Tupac in the car when he was shot. He spoke his opinions with TMZ over the phone on Monday, October 2, on the latest developments in Tupac’s protracted homicide inquiry.

Knight remarked, “I don’t want to see Keefe D get arrested, and I didn’t think he would ever get arrested.” “I wouldn’t wish somebody going to prison on my worst enemy, under any circumstances—whether he had an involvement with anything or not.”

Contrary to widespread assumption, Orlando Anderson, Keefe D’s nephew, was not the shooter, according to Knight. Not long after Tupac passed away, Anderson was shot and died in a gang-related incident.

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Knight said, “There were only two people in the car; Pac isn’t going to tell the story, and I ain’t gon’ tell the story.” “I always had nothing but positive things to say about Orlando because he wasn’t the gunman.”

Suge Knight categorically stated that he would not take the stand to testify against Keefe D when asked. “I wouldn’t testify; I wouldn’t go. Not a bit of that shit.

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Another witness, who gave testimony in the weeks before Keefe D was arrested, claimed to a Las Vegas grand jury that Deandre “Big Dre” Smith was the shooter and that Orlando Anderson had not shot Tupac. The rounds were fired from the backseat of the automobile, where Smith was supposedly sitting, and investigators think Anderson was seated beside him. Terrence Brown and Keefe D took up the front seats.

As of right now, Keefe is the only surviving suspect. It is said that he planned the attack on Tupac as “retribution” for attacking Anderson in the MGM Grand’s Las Vegas lobby earlier in the evening. At the intersection of East Flamingo Road and Koval Lane, a driver pulled up next to Tupac and Suge Knight’s BMW and started firing. The rapper was shot four times, while Knight was hit in the head by a bullet fragment. After six days in the hospital, Tupac passed away.


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