Orlando Brown is known for posting some seriously crazy opinions on the Internet, which make people laugh and worry at the same time.

As with this most recent claim, it’s sometimes very clear that he’s going through something and other times it’s just hard to tell. The actor and reality TV star also spoke out about Keefe D’s arrest in the Tupac Shakur murder case. ‘Pac’s body needs Keefe’s soul to go back to it, he said. What the former Disney Channel star said in an interview with Cam Capone News sounds like he has lost his mind.

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This person told him, “Keefe D is accused of putting himself in the car with Orlando, and he did interviews about it.” “The person who is said to have shot and killed Tupac. Keefe D was said to be in the car. I talked to Keefe D. about this; he wrote a book about it. As well as Vlad, many other people have talked to Keefe D about the night Tupac died. Police searched his home, and there is a grand jury going on right now. The police are likely to arrest him for his part in killing Tupac. Orlando Brown said, “He is Tupac,” with a blank look on his face. The interviewer instantly answered, “Okay.” “He can’t be arrested if he killed the man!” Brown exclaimed, then laughed out loud and clapped his hands wildly.

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The “That’s So Raven” star said, “Can’t arrest him if he’s the man that died, what the f**k?” “Look at that guy.” His name is Tupac, look at him!” If the interviewer asked Orlando Brown if Keefe D wins the case, he said yes. “They won’t arrest him because I said he was Tupac [ahem, they did].” If they catch him, they have to put him inside Tupac.

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He finally said, “They’re not going to arrest him because they’re going to let the man live; they don’t want to see Pac up.” “That’s what this whole thing is about; they don’t want him to live.” Everyone here knows he’s still living. They don’t want to give him their body. Yes, that’s it. They want him to look like a jerk every time he pops up and lies. That’s not how Tupac would show up. I hate holograms and stuff.


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