Lil Tay has responded to Eminem’s statements five years after the publication of “Killshot.”

Eminem released ‘Killshot’ in 2018 as a diss tune to Machine Gun Kelly, but Lil Tay got involved as well.

“Got more fans than you in your own city, lil’ kiddy,” one of the song’s lyrics said. I feel like I’m babysitting Lil Tay, so go play.”

Lil Tay, real name Tay Tian, was just nine years old when the song was released.

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Eminem released the song in response to Machine Gun Kelly’s song “Rap Devil,” in which he referred to the ‘Lose Yourself’ hitmaker as a “bully acting like a baby.”

Machine Gun Kelly’s rivalry with Eminem may have been in vain, as several years after taking fire at him, MGK has abandoned the rap industry entirely and is now releasing pop-punk tunes.

But Lil Tay appears to want to rekindle the dispute, as she was asked about Eminem’s words in a new Q&A held by the now-teenager on her Discord channel.

In response to one person, the 14-year-old stated, “I outstreamed the rapper who also dissed me.”

Elsewhere, she acknowledges his lyrics.

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“‘Feel like I’m babysitting lil tay’ – ooopsie,” she wrote. I’d never offer you the PLEASURE of being with me, booo.”

It’s believed that Lil Tay did the Q&A in a bid to promote her new track, ‘Sucker 4 Green’.

Her new song was released shortly after news that the adolescent internet sensation had died in August.

However, she quickly issued a statement to reassure her admirers that this was not the case.

“I want to make it clear that my brother and I are safe and alive, but I’m completely heartbroken, and struggling to even find the right words to say,” it said.

“It’s been a traumatic 24 hours.” I was plagued with sorrowful and tearful phone calls from loved ones all day yesterday, all while attempting to straighten out this mess.

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“My Instagram account was hacked by a third party and used to spread shocking misinformation and rumors about me, to the point where even my name was incorrect.” Tay Tian is my legal name, not Claire Hope.”

It was later rumored that Tay’s father, Christopher Hope, was behind the death hoax, but he has since spoken out and called the accusations ‘wrong’.

“The person responsible for that Instagram post, as well as anyone repeating the completely false and libelous accusation contained within it, are almost certain to become defendants in a defamation lawsuit,” he stated.

“Everything stated is 100% false, and I trust that this should be obvious to anyone who knows me or the long history of absurd and untrue statements made by the various people who have controlled the Instagram account.”


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