Cord Cutters News questioned almost 2,000 of our readers about how they cut the cord earlier this month. According to the Fall study, Roku is the clear leader in the realm of cord cutting, with nearly twice the popularity of its next competitor, the Amazon Fire TV.

We asked our users to name all of the devices they use to stream entertainment in our survey. (Because many people use numerous types of gadgets, the total will not be 100%.) Our readers use a Roku 66% of the time, a smart TV 38% of the time, and a Fire TV 37% of the time.

Laptops and PCs came in fourth position with 27%. The Apple TV came in fifth position with 14.2% of the market, and all variants of the Chromecast came in sixth place with 14%.

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Gaming systems were the greatest loser in all of this, with only 4.5% of cord cutters using a gaming system to watch their favorite shows. This is a decrease from 10.5% in 2019.

The most significant increase came from Smart TVs, which are now the second most popular way individuals stream video as cord cutters overtook the Fire TV.

Roku definitely rules the cord-cutting world, but many Roku users also use other devices. Saving money by making do with what you have appears to be more important than having all of the devices be identical.

The key concern today is how the shift to a smart TV-focused environment will affect Roku’s supremacy. Roku has often stated that Roku TVs are now their primary priority. Roku is already the most popular smart TV operating system in the United States. Roku’s dominance over streaming may continue to increase as more Americans upgrade their TVs, but the conflict is far from over, and anything can happen at this point.


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