Perhaps it’s no surprise that the corporation blamed for the Hollywood writers’ strike was the same one whose stock price rose as a result of it.

Context: In recent years, Netflix has challenged old conventions of television and film production, distribution, and worker remuneration practices.

However, because of the company’s structural and strategic advantages, as well as the fact that it had already achieved global scale in streaming, it was well positioned when the strike began in comparison to its competitors.
Close up: Analysts have remarked that while many of the streamer’s shows and films are produced in other countries, not all workers were affected by the strike.

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Netflix was also less vulnerable to larger consumer hazards because it did not require cinemas or broadcast television to offer its content.
What to look out for: According to Axios’ Sara Fischer, over 11,500 Hollywood writers are now eligible to return to work, which should jump-start production of most live talk shows in the next days and weeks.

It remains to be seen how swiftly investors return to media stocks.


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