The Streaming Innovation Alliance (SIA) boasts a roster of influential members, including AfroLandTV, America Nu Network, BET+, discovery+, For Us by Us Network, MPA, MotorTrend+, Paramount+, Peacock, PlutoTV, Telemundo, Televisa Univision, Vault TV, and Vix.

The coalition benefits from the expertise of former Republican Representative Fred Upton and former Democratic acting FCC chair Mignon Clyburn, who serve as senior advisers. Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association, played a key role in bringing these industry giants together.

Charles Rivkin emphasized the immense value that streaming offers, such as a wide range of programming choices and unparalleled options for consumers. He expressed the MPA’s commitment to collaborating with the SIA and its members to ensure that government policies advance this remarkable innovation without undermining the diversity and value that consumers currently enjoy.

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The SIA’s initial action involved releasing a new poll, revealing that registered voters favor streaming innovation and are cautious about regulatory proposals that could potentially impact the market. These proposals include requirements for streaming services to collect more user data or enact measures that might deter them from providing sensitive programming.

Mignon Clyburn highlighted the positive impact of streaming services, which have accelerated progress in program diversity, making relevant stories accessible to historically underserved communities and creating opportunities for people of color in production roles. Clyburn emphasized that any policy hindering streaming would set back this vital progress.

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Fred Upton celebrated the rise of innovative streaming services as a success story for America. He urged policymakers not to stifle this beneficial innovation with outdated rules and regulations designed for different technologies and business models. Upton stressed the value consumers receive from streaming services today and urged policymakers to resist efforts to curtail this progress.

The SIA’s formation comes on the heels of the Coalition for Local News, a group representing owners of over 600 local TV stations, which is advocating for changes in the way streaming deals for local TV are negotiated. Current FCC regulations contain a loophole that allows streaming platforms to negotiate with network owners rather than local station owners.


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