Chevy Chase has admitted that he left Community because he didn’t think it was “funny enough” and didn’t want to be among “those people.”

In the newest episode of Marc Maron’s WFT podcast, the Caddyshack actor didn’t hold back.

The comic discussed his time on Dan Harmon’s American sitcom, admitting that there were significant creative differences.

“Ultimately, I felt the show wasn’t funny enough for me.” “I felt a little confined,” he admitted.

“Everyone had their moments, and I felt they were all excellent. It just wasn’t tough enough for me.”

When asked directly about his role, erstwhile moist towelette tycoon Piece Hawthorne, Chase stated, “I didn’t mind the character.

“I just had a feeling…” Being alone made me feel better.

“I just didn’t want to be surrounded by that table, with those people, every day.”

“It was too much.”

While the former Saturday Night Live cast member claims he quit, other sources suggest Chase was dismissed after a disagreement on set, which prompted the 79-year-old to call his co-star Donald Glover the N-word, according to The New York Post.

Chase’s character was eventually killed off in season five.

The comic acknowledged to acting like a ‘jerk’ on the NBC show in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

“I suppose you might ask them. I couldn’t care less!” When asked about working on Community with his coworkers, Chase laughed.

“I am the person I am. And I like where I am and who I am. I don’t mind. And there’s a part of me that doesn’t care.

“And I’ve given it a lot of thought.” And I’m at a loss for words, man. I simply don’t care.”

According to a 2018 New Yorker article on Glover, Chase quickly apologized to Glover for his outburst.

Harmon went on to say that the seasoned comedian was always sabotaging the actor’s scenes out of envy.

“People think you’re funnier because you’re Black,” Harmon stated.

“Chevy was the first to recognize Donald’s immense talent, and the way he expressed his jealousy was to throw Donald off.”

“I remember apologizing to Donald after a particularly rough night of Chevy’s non-PC verbiage, and Donald said, ‘I don’t even worry about it’.”

Harmon remembered Glover later informed him that a ‘real artist has to be okay with his reign being gone’.

The New Yorker contacted Chase, who expressed sadness that Donald regarded him in that light.


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