Rick and Morty has returned for a seventh season!

Fans are reacting to the long-awaited trailer for the upcoming season of the entertaining sci-fi comedy.

According to the new show’s synopsis, “Rick and Morty are back and sounding more like themselves than ever!” It’s the seventh season, and the possibilities are endless: what’s going on with Jerry? Summer the Evil?! And will they ever return to high school?! Perhaps not! But let us investigate! There’s probably less p*ss this season than last. 100 years, Rick and Morty! Or at the very least until season 10!”

The series, however, will include fresh voices for its titular characters. Check out the trailer below to see if you can hear the difference:

Though fans may not notice any audible differences, there have been significant changes behind the scenes of the long-running sitcom.

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Following claims of misconduct, actor Justin Roiland, who developed and voiced the titular couple, left the series.

The showrunner was charged with domestic violence in 2020 after an alleged incident.

He later pleaded not guilty to one count of domestic abuse with bodily harm and one count of wrongful detention by threat, violence, fraud, or deception.

Adult Swim, the network behind the Emmy-winning show, severed ties with the creator shortly after.

His successors, who play the scientist and the awkward adolescent, have yet to be announced.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this was done on purpose because executives wanted the series to’speak for itself’ – pun intended.

With so much uncertainty surrounding Rick and Morty’s seventh season, fans have reacted positively to the new trailer.

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In the comments, it appears that most fans were pleasantly surprised by the alternative voice actors.

One fan remarked on YouTube in response to the trailer, “wow, I really had low expectations on the new voices, but those are great, Ricks is good, and Mortys is basically 100% accurate, love it.”

“Morty’s voice actor is nearly 100% accurate,” said another. Rick is somewhere between 60% and 70%. “I believe that as the season progresses, that number will rise.”

“I can very easily see these new voices grow into the roles over time, especially when seasons 8 on will actually allow more freedom since they will no longer have to worry about matching the existing Roiland track,” said another user.

Fans will have plenty of time to adjust to the new cast members, as the seventh season of the sci-fi comedy will consist of ten episodes.

Rick and Morty’s new season premieres on Adult Swim on October 15.


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