On Monday morning, Chrisean Rock and Blueface were involved in some major turmoil. Overall, this was due to Blue’s decision to post an image of his son’s private parts on social media.

He claims to have done this because the child has a hernia. The artist wants to show the world that Chrisean is neglecting her son. However, all it did was convince them that the rapper is a jerk who should be arrested. It was all quite strange, and there was a significant backlash yesterday.

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Rock expressed her grief about Blueface’s statement in a series of social media posts. She went on to say that he isn’t even listed on the birth certificate. She also said that her son has a surgery date and that she dislikes being portrayed as a horrible mother. However, a new character has arrived in the story. According to No Jumper, the man in question is Chrisean’s ex, Ronny Doe. He makes some claims regarding the social media celebrity in the post below.

A post shared by No Jumper 🏀 (@nojumper)

Doe is alleging that Blueface is not the father of Chrisean’s child, as you can see. In fact, he appears to be insinuating that he is the father. Overall, the post is rather obscure in and of itself. Fans, on the other hand, are already attempting to connect the dots. But, for the time being, Chrisean has not to respond to this charge. Indeed, it remains to be seen whether she will ever do so. After all, she had Blue do a DNA test, which confirmed that he was, in fact, the father.


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