YouTube will expand its use of generative artificial intelligence (GAI), offering a variety of tools to creators, agencies, and marketers.

The options range from GAI-generated backgrounds for Shorts to selecting the ideal music to go with a film at the correct price.

YouTube is also working on a new app that will offer a number of free editing capabilities.

On Thursday, YouTube CEO Neil Mohan unveiled Dream Screen to Made On YouTube attendees, saying that “generative AI will push the boundaries of creative expression by making difficult things simple, and impossible dreams possible.”

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Dream Screen is a background image generator that uses GAI. The video picture shows on the screen when a creator has an idea and writes it into the subjects box.

Shorts now receives over 70 billion daily views, up from 50 billion in January 2023.

Backgrounds for videos are only one factor in introducing GAI to YouTube in order to streamline the entire creative process.

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YouTube has been developing a new GAI tool for Shorts that recommends subjects based on data insights about what users are already watching on YouTube. It will be available in Studio next year.

The YouTube Studio tool will use GAI to generate video ideas and draft outlines to assist filmmakers in their brainstorming. These insights are tailored to each channel and are based on what viewers are already watching and interested in.

The program was presented in a manner similar to software established years ago by publishers that used searches to discover the most-read topics on their media sites and then used that data to create news and human-interest stories that would draw readers.

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Shorts now receives over 70 billion daily views, up from 50 billion in January 2023.

Finding music will also become easier, thanks to AI Music Principles that focus on properly engaging with partners.

YouTube introduced Creative Music last year, but GAI-assisted search will function as a music concierge when the author identifies the video, length, and type of song. The technology will give track and price information.

YouTube will launch an AI-powered dubbing tool called Aloud to help producers reach viewers outside of their primary language. It only takes one click to get started. The feature is presently available to select creators and is being tested in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

YouTube is also developing a new free app that will include a suite of simple tools for creating lengthier films. YouTube Create will allow users to alter videos.


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