Shaquille O’Neal is most known for his career as an NBA player, but he’s also a seasoned investor who has built a number of successful businesses and ventures.

After that, the investor goes on to discuss how he intends to fund startups and edtech companies that have the ability to improve and transform people’s lives.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has a passion for investing in education technology.
Not only is Shaquille O’Neal a four-time NBA champion, but he is also a 15-time All-Star, three-time MVP of the NBA Finals, and more. During TechCrunch Disrupt, the investor took the stage to share his ideas about investment.

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He made a point of highlighting his love for edtech investing during his address. He also discussed how he made the decision to become an investor and how he wanted to fund initiatives that may positively impact people’s lives.

In addition, Shaq talked about how he came up with his plan and his belief in the “importance of education,” as Tech Crunch said. Additionally, it was disclosed that Shaq made an investment in Edsoma, as the business’s Facebook page made clear.

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According to reports, Edsoma is an AI-powered platform that specializes in education, communication, and reading for young users. The NBA player and Edsoma CEO Kyle Wallgren were on stage together, and Wallgren discussed the company’s objectives, including teaching a million children to read.

Shaq Finds Jeff Bezos’ Investing Statements Resonant

Shaq’s discussion during the event was centered upon how he created his investing technique after listening to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos discuss investing. Bezos stated that investments ought to be made on things that improve people’s lives.

It was also disclosed that Shaq had gone to a conference in 1997 or 1998 to hear Jeff Bezos speak on whether investments were worthwhile. It was mentioned that O’Neal disclosed the best ways for people to invest in items that will transform their lives.

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Shaq claimed he realized investing would be a good fit when Kyle came in and began talking about the kids. He went on to say how beneficial it has been for him to invest in things that transform people’s lives.

The Edsoma app uses cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence to teach kids how to read and pronounce what they read correctly. In addition, it enables parents to connect with their kids virtually even when they are not physically present by enabling them to read to them from any location.

Wallgren also disclosed how the business was able to accommodate 300 pupils in its first month of operation. As of right now, Edsoma has enrolled 9,000 students, and its ultimate objective is to transform a million lives.

Wallgren also mentioned Shaq’s desire to guarantee that kids from various backgrounds could receive this kind of instruction.


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