Sergio Brown is a former NFL player who has recently been involved in some questionable claims. He had been reported missing for the past week.

Furthermore, his mother, who had gone missing, was discovered dead behind her house. Her death has been considered a homicide by officials. Of course, this has led to some supporters fearing the worst for Brown. His disappearance is deeply alarming, and supporters are only hope that he is safe and that this is all a coincidence.

Brown finally broke his silence Friday night, taking to his Instagram account. Brown, according to The Neighborhood Talk, originally released a video of himself in Mexico City, Mexico.

The individual had no idea he had doxxed himself by accident. However, he quickly removed the post. Following that, he provided a video explanation of events, prompting some followers to suggest he is not in good health or mind right now.

Throughout the video, he states that his mother had recently retired and that he mistook her for on vacation. Furthermore, he claims that the FBI and police visited his home. This is where he made claims of kidnapping, albeit it is unclear what he means.

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Much of what he stated lacked coherence, and viewers of the video above are skeptical of what is going on. “Based on his behavior here, I’m certain he has some kind of mental disorder.” “I’m sure his mother tried to help him, but their behavior is sometimes beyond anyone’s control,” one individual stated. “Not everything is CTE. “Some people are just sick,” another added.

Whatever happened, Brown’s mother was slain, which is a tragedy. This narrative is still in the works.


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