Sometimes we forget where we put something we’ve tucked away for safekeeping. Perhaps we forget about the $5 bill in our jeans pocket when we put them in the washing machine.

So we can’t imagine how this guy felt when he remembered an investment he’d made casually years before.

The Norwegian had entirely forgotten about the $22 Bitcoin he’d purchased. To be fair, that was a very pleasant surprise.

Kristoffer Koch was 25 years old when he made the unusual purchase in 2009.

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He wasn’t sure about digital currency but chose to study a document authored by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 – the year it was invented.

Koch was fascinated by cutting-edge technology, so he decided to take a chance and purchase 5,000 Bitcoin coins.

According to several stories, his initial contribution varied between $22 and $27.

But, as time went on, Koch just forgot about his investment.

According to Binance Feed, he never intended to use those funds in cryptocurrency, stating, “The only purchasable items in those days were alpaca socks, thus I proceeded with my life and relinquished thoughts of this venture to instead focus on securing gainful employment.”

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However, four years later, Koch discovered claims that the valuation was skyrocketing.

Bitcoin was becoming more popular, and his assets were increasing in value.

So, at the age of 29, he recognized he was approaching the million-dollar threshold.

His 5,000 Bitcoins were suddenly worth roughly $850,000.

“Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that they would have soared like this,” Koch stated in Norwegian media.

“It’s strange, these psychological reflexes that cause us to assign a value to something that has none in and of itself.”

Bitcoins are, of course, normally stored in encrypted wallets. He also acknowledged that it took him a while to recall the password to unlock the safe and gain access to them.

Koch cashed in a fifth of his reserves in 2013, after paying taxes, and was able to purchase himself a beautiful flat in Oslo.

From skepticism and curiosity to landing a whopping sum of money, this is a surprise we’d like to have right now.


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