Tory Lanez’s application for bail in his case for shooting Megan Thee Stallion was denied by the court, putting an end to his legal team’s attempts.

As initially stated in the Canadian artist’s sentence, he will now pursue his appeal procedure from behind bars while serving his ten-year prison sentence. This information comes from reporter Meghann Cuniff, who kept the public up to date on the trial for the majority of its duration. Furthermore, the motion argued that Lanez “does not pose a danger to the community” and that the attack was “an isolated incident.” His legal team attempted to gain his release within Los Angeles so that he could continue to work for his family.

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However, according to entertainment attorney Michael Freedman, who spoke with Cuniff on Wednesday, this attempt was unlikely to succeed. As a result, this news comes as little surprise, however it does complicate Tory Lanez’s situation. Of course, there is still the possibility that he will be successful in his appeal. While the Alone At Prom star’s troubles aren’t done, he still has a lot of responsibility to bear.

Tory Lanez’s prison time has already caused him to miss a critical occasion in his life. His friend Alexa, who inspired the aforementioned album, died, and he paid tribute to her on Instagram. “ALEXA… a close friend to me and so many,” stated the 31-year-old. “A lovely soul and the inspiration for Alone At Prom.” We laughed, worked, partied, and had many profound conversations and experienced many special moments together. I should have been present to prevent this from happening.

“It hurts even more that I couldn’t say my final goodbyes at your Ceremony of Life,” he said. “However, I promise to carry on your legacy.” You meant a lot to a lot of people. As you rest in Paradise, may your imprint on the earth last forever. The Lady of Namek, rest in peace.”


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