The Simpsons has been reimagined as a horror film using AI, and the outcome is quite terrifying.

Over the years, our beloved cartoon Springfield family has gone through several transformations, from being converted into LEGO to Death Note characters inspired by the cult anime.

Homer is now soaked in blood in this horrifying unofficial version of the show’s key characters, while Marge stands in a creepy area surrounded by fruit.

Regardless of how many episodes of ‘Treehouse of Terror’ you’ve seen over the years, this AI re-imagining was published on Reddit by Primocolon, who utilized ChatGPT 4 plus Midjourney and InstantSwap to put celebrity faces on the characters.

If you squint, you’ll notice that each Simpsons character is modeled after a renowned actor, with John C. Reilly, Toni Collette, and even Patrick Stewart taking on the classic roles.

One can fantasize.

Step Brothers actor John C. Reilly plays Homer, who doesn’t generally spend much time in the kitchen but is smeared in blood after cutting up meat on the counter in this horror rendition.

Meanwhile, horror film legend Toni Collette, who appeared in Hereditary and The Sixth Sense, plays Marge, albeit without the homemaker’s trademark blue beehive ‘do.

With his previous appearance in the frightening film adaptation It, Jack Dylan Grazer would be treading similar ground as a nightmare version of Bart. Bart, with his spiky platinum blond hair, glares at the camera in the dramatic black and white AI image, while odd-looking Bart look-alikes stand and watch him.

Last Night in Soho’s Thomasin McKenzie plays a wacky zombie version of Lisa, and Jason Sudeikis sports a moustache as’stupid sexy’ Flanders. Stranger Things’ Steve Buscemi plays Moe, and Ethan Hawke plays a frightening version of Krusty the Klown. David Harbour as Chief Wiggum and Noah Schnapp as Milhouse, J.K. Simmons as Principal Skinner, Susan Sarandon as Edna Krabappel, Danny Pudi as Apu, and X-Men actor Patrick Stewart as the megalomaniac Mr. Burns round out the cast.

The images have been positively received by Simpsons and horror fans alike on Reddit. “It’s the background characters that are truly disturbing,” said one fan.

“That is absolutely horrifying,” commented another terrified reader.

Someone else wrote: “This is amazing.”

Good luck falling asleep tonight.


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