Aron Ralston, a canyoneer, was imprisoned in a canyon for a total of 127 hours. This terrifying and cramped true incident is the subject of the film 127 Hours.

Part of the film features James Franco talking straight to camera in a video diary, where he records notes for his loved ones and muses on his own conceit.

Even though Ralston eventually succeeds in escaping the boulder (spoiler alert!), it wasn’t without a cost: in order to free himself, he had to amputate a significant portion of his arm.

The movie 127 Hours effectively conveys the drama and compassion that emerge from the experience, but what makes it even more horrific is that it is based on a true tale that actually happened to Aron Ralston.

Not only that, but Ralston collaborated with the production crew on the movie to guarantee that it was as authentic as it could be.

And it appears that Ralston, who had to go through that experience personally, thought the movie was as accurate to reality as a play could be, with the exception of one minor detail.

Regarding the solitary detail?

It wasn’t a big deal, but it was the scene in the movie where Ralston meets two hikers and shows them where a secret pool is. Actually, he was only teaching them some fundamental climbing techniques.

His biggest error was leaving no one in the dark about his whereabouts when he ventured out on his own.

However, the injury was actually much worse than that; Ralston had severed circulation after his arm got stuck in a boulder.

After spending several days in that posture, he noticed that the trapped portion of his arm had actually begun to deteriorate from lack of blood flow.

In addition, he had hallucinations of himself having fun with a youngster in the future. This, together with the decay, led to his doing the amputation.

And just how did he accomplish this?

He broke his arm’s bones first, then used a multitool knife to sever the skin and pliers to cut through the more resilient tendon. Not really worth considering, is that right?

This grisly ordeal took around an hour to complete, and that’s not all, which is terrifying.

Having severed his own limb and packing the wound, he managed to navigate the gorge, rappel down a 20-meter cliff, and hike for seven kilometres.

Four hours after chopping off his limb, rescuers finally located him, and they took him straight to the hospital. After that, his arm was found, and it took about thirteen people to move the boulder.

Later on, Ralston went back to the location and deposited the ashes of his severed limb there. He still goes climbing and has a son now.

But he always lets his family know where he’s been.


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