Director Quentin Tarantino has had some harrowing moments in his career as both a director and an actor, but an old commercial that has recently surfaced is going to exceed them all.

The Japanese commercial, which stars the filmmaker of Kill Bill and Django Unchained, appears to be for a speaker fashioned like a dog, but it could possibly be for a phone network service.

Things begin in someone’s living room, with the dog speaker going off and playing ‘Dance of the Knights’ by Sergei Prokofiev (you’ll recognize it when you hear it) to demonstrate the speaker’s quality.

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Tarantino enters the room wearing a black Hakama and begins throwing martial arts shapes, much to the surprise of the others, including an adorable puppy.

It also appears like the dog is thinking about the circumstance, as expressed by a voice-over.

However, the phone rings, and the scene shifts to a blonde lady shouting at Tarantino over the phone, leading him to flee the room.

The entire sequence is a weird sight to behold, with the renowned director’s surprise entrance bringing things to the next level.

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One version of the commercial even had subtitles, which you’d think would make things clearer. No, it does not.

Tarantino exclaims, “I am uncle Tarantino! HAHA!” before the dog joins in and says, “He’s very excited!” Tarantino then arrives and says, “samurai spirit!”

The mother stands up and tells him to “please calm down.”

When the phone rings, the woman on the other end of the line orders him to “get home right the f*ck now,” to which he exclaims “YES!” and runs out.

It’s probably one of the more interesting televised appearances!

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People were eager to react on the weird commercial, with one person even explaining that it was actually an entire series with a narrative and everything.

“That’s just a Softbank ‘Otosan’ commercial,” they wrote. Softbank is an expensive mobile provider (DoCoMo for the rest of us), and they have a TON of advertisements following the family of Otosan (the white Shiba), his wife (the elder Japanese lady), and their two children (the younger black guy and younger Japanese lady).

“Some of the commercials are far more bizarre than that one.” Tommy Lee Jones, for example, frequently appears as an alien.”

While we don’t know the complete background of the advertisement, this appears to be a really cool explanation!

“Just when I think Tarantino can’t get any more awesome…” wrote another.

And a third simply stated, “Love it!!!”


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