Among all the genres of horror films, ghost stories continue to be among the scariest.

A family begins to settle into their new home, which they purchased at a low price (red flag). Then strange things start happening, and things start moving on their own. It all goes wrong when one of the kids begins speaking in two voices and tongues.

There are numerous intriguing hypotheses as to why ghost stories, particularly throughout the 1800s, gained such popularity.

However, many things are still very spooky in the chilly blue light of the twenty-first century. And nothing better illustrates that than a journey through an attic full of many occult artifacts, among them the doll that served as the model for Annabelle in The Conjuring.

Not one to touch, perhaps!

In a video, paranormal investigator Lorraine Warrens shows off some of the eerie artifacts by taking a cameraman up there.

With a foreboding caution, she says, “Never touch anything. And please inform me if you do.”

One object, though, stands out: a doll that is enclosed in a box and theatrically lit from behind by red lights.

“This is the worst thing in here,” remarks Lorraine. that role. But I’m not going to stare at it. I won’t be staring at the photo, so feel free to take it. Since many people have suffered severe injury as a result of that.”

You wouldn’t want to be in the same room with something like that. She did, however, reassure them by stating that the doll would need to be conjured before it could start harming people.

Lorraine clarifies: “To obtain it, you must call upon the spirits. You know, simply strolling around here isn’t going to give you the answer. That is the doll, Annabelle.”

Best not take a chance, huh?

The Raggedy Ann doll, known as Annabelle, was on exhibit at The Warren’s Occult Museum, which was owned and operated by Lorraine and her late husband Ed Warrens. Sadly, both of them have now died away.

The doll, the pair said, was the cause of two near-death experiences, one deadly accident, and a series of demonic activity spanning almost thirty years. Whoa.

The Conjuring, which debuted in 2013, was the debut of the cursed doll in film form. The demonic porcelain figure captured the attention of horror fans to such an extent that Annabelle (2014), Annabelle: Creation (2017), and Annabelle Comes Home (2019) were made around her.


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