Sir Mick Jagger has revealed his favorite music as he teases a new collaboration between The Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga.

The renowned English rock band, formed in 1962 and now comprised of Jagger, Ronnie Wood, and Keith Richards, touched down in east London on Wednesday (September 6) to officially debut their new album, Hackney Diamonds.

The new album will include 12 brand new songs and will be the band’s first album of original music in 18 years, following 2005’s A Bigger Bang.

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Many things have changed for the band since the album’s debut nearly two decades ago, including the death of drummer Charlie Watts, who was a member of the band from 1963 until his death in 2021. In the music industry, there have also been seismic transformations, such as the transition from digital downloads to streaming.

In an exclusive conversation following the global live-streamed announcement of the new album and the release of its first track, ‘Angry,’ Jagger, one of music’s most recognizable stars and an undeniable dance classic, revealed his opinions on the evolution of music.

The 80-year-old musician described himself as “amazed” to have inspired so many generations of people of all ages.

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“I did not like my parents’ music when I was younger, and I can not imagine what my grandparents’ music was like, so it is amazing what can happen.”

“I listen to multi-generational music – I listen to music from the 1930s that I like, such as jazz from that era, but I also listen to what is coming out now and what music was popular when I was growing up.” I enjoy listening to music from all generations.”

“It was very difficult say 40 years ago, that was a very expensive occupation to be able to do that,” the band’s vocalist remarked, referring to the digital MP3 explosion and the shift to streaming on services like Spotify and Apple Music. And now it is much easier to listen because you have this library of millions and millions of songs and you can just go back and say, ‘I will listen to something from 1920 or something that came out last week’ just on my phone – and it is just so easy. Previously, you had to go to a store and order it!”

Lady Gaga will appear on the song ‘Sweet Sounds of Heaven,’ which is supposed to have a Gospel flavor, after the band requested her to record with them when they were both working independently in the studio.

“We have done shows with her before, and we were doing this gospel-y song that I wrote on the piano, and she was in the next door studio and she said, ‘Can I come down?’ and she came down and she joined in and we sung together, and we went in the next day and tidied up a few things.”

We will all be streaming it when it comes out!

Hackney Diamonds is set to be released on October 20th. The first single, ‘Angry,’ is now available.


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