Warner Music Group and 10K Projects, the innovative label formed by Elliot Grainge in 2016 in Los Angeles, have entered into a major collaborative venture.

In accordance with this arrangement, 10K Projects will function as a stand-alone label inside the WMG organization, incorporating its brilliant roster of musicians and creative staff into the WMG group. In order to sustain its growth, 10K Projects will leverage WMG’s resources, experience, and worldwide network, which includes assistance from ADA. Along with co-presidents Tony Talamo and Zach Friedman, Elliot Grainge will continue to serve as 10K Projects’ CEO. Moreover, Grainge will join the global leadership team of WMG.

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Elliot Grainge, Founder & CEO of 10K, stated, “Joining Warner Music Group gives us the backing, the collective expertise and vision to empower our artists and our employees on the next phase of our journey.” “Max and Robert have been strategically positioning WMG for the future during what is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting and productive growth times for the global music industry. Additionally, they have demonstrated that they respect the kind of self-reliance and dedication to artistic growth that have contributed to 10K’s success thus far. When I say that Zach, Tony, and the whole crew are eager to get going in our new house, I know that I speak for them all.

“With every release, Elliott and 10K not only find new talent, but they also know how to pique fans’ interest and make a lasting impression. It’s a label that, along with its artists, crew, and leader, is full of possibilities for the next generation. Max Lousada, CEO of Recorded Music at WMG, stated, “We’re committed to giving 10K the freedom and support it needs to reach new heights as it joins our thriving network of independent music brands.”

“We are thrilled to have Elliot, the brilliant inventor of 10K, and his enterprising team join WMG. “Together, we’ll increase our artistic investment and quicken our rate of innovation,” stated WMG CEO Robert Kyncl.

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Renowned for fostering extraordinary talent, 10K Projects has produced celebrities such as Trippie Redd, Iann Dior, and Internet Money. Their list of artists showcases a wide range of musical styles, including well-known celebrities like 6ix9ine and up-and-coming artists like Surfaces. Notably, Grainge had a key role in the 2016 signing of XXXTENTACION. With over 30 platinum-certified singles to their credit, 10K Projects has achieved a plethora of commercial and cultural hits in a span of just seven years.

In 2022, Grainge added Homemade Projects to his repertoire, broadening the label’s scope of offerings and competencies. Talent such as Surfaces, COIN, and Salem Ilese are included in Homemade Projects, along with an influencer management firm and a merchandise business with well-known customers. Co-founders of Homemade Projects Zach Friedman and Tony Talamo are now Co-Presidents of 10K Projects, where they are in charge of the label’s A&R, marketing, publicity, and design.


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