Eli Apple is wanted for murder. His baby mom is interested in the cornerback, who signed with the Dolphins this offseason.

“If you play against my baby dad this season, please GO FOR THE KNEES, maybe a hammy,” model Destani posted on Instagram. “#33 for the Dolphins – I’ll gladly Zelle you back any fines.” However, Destani also explained why she was willing to essentially impose an injury bounty. “We became pregnant after traveling with each other during the offseason.” “Well, what did you expect, I knew it was going to happen,” he said about my pregnancy. Then he tells me he has a sex problem and that I’m the sixth woman in three years, all of whom have had abortions. But I was already 14 weeks pregnant when I made this disclosure.”

She went on. “Cut to mid-pregnancy, my son has a heart condition and requires a cord blood transfusion, but I’m not a direct match, whereas Eli is.” The physicians scheduled an appointment for him to give 30MLS – 30MLS of blood. This man refuses because I discovered him slamming a different woman in each place that he went to RAW. So he blocks me because I sent him the article exposing him. I went CRAZY on him and his mother when he told me it was best for the baby to “die,” because female, your son is a POS.”

Apple is entering his tenth season in the league and is prepared to make his fifth start. He spent the previous two seasons with the Bengals. He featured in 15 games and has 49 tackles in 2022. The online reaction to Destani’s audacious offer has been varied. However, it should be noted that the reactions have been corrupted in some way. The discovery comes on the heels of reports that Destani has children with Geno Smith and Josh Jacobs.

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“Shit if He Gets Knocked Out of the League, That Hurts the CHILD SUPPORT. Bad Business Move lol,” one observer said. “Bruh, did anyone read the whole thing? He refused to give his own unborn kid a blood transfusion, which caused it to be born prematurely,” another argued, siding with Destani. I love how you basically inverted the narrative; these texts make no mention of any other youngsters AT ALL. But let’s ignore the reality that that man wouldn’t help save his own child,” a third added, responding to DJ Akademiks’ framing of the story.


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