WWE superstar Bray Wyatt had a series of heart issues in the months preceding up to his death, and a doctor-recommended heart defibrillator was not with him when his body was discovered, according to TMZ.

According to police records acquired by TMZ, Wyatt – real name Windham Rotunda – told his girlfriend he was going to take a sleep on Thursday, and she got concerned when she heard his alarm go off an hour later without stopping.

Bray’s Residence
According to the report, Windham was discovered in his bed, not breathing and going blue. Windham’s girlfriend dialed 911 while her mother performed CPR… but he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Cops met with Windham’s close family members, who stated that he was diagnosed with COVID in March 2023 and experienced heart difficulties, resulting in a “weak lower part of his heart.”

Windham had been hospitalized for a cardiac problem just a week before he died. The morning he died, he had a follow-up consultation with doctors and was recommended to continue wearing an external heart defibrillator, a device developed to treat persons who have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Though it is unknown whether the defib would have saved his life, authorities concluded Windham was not wearing it at the time of his death… they subsequently discovered it inside his parked vehicle in the driveway.

He was only 36 years old.


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