According to TMZ, Polo G’s residence was recently raided by authorities in connection with a robbery.

Several police vehicles are seen around the performer’s $5 million property in a new video obtained by the outlet. He and several others are then seen being ordered to leave the house. They are all seen filing out of the house, holding their hands up as they do so. Authorities can be heard giving them directions via a megaphone. As Polo G approaches the cops, one of them places him in handcuffs.

Following the police search, four people were brought into custody, according to reports. It is unclear whether or not anyone has been arrested at the time of writing. According to Polo G’s representative, the raid was part of an ongoing inquiry in which the artist is not the major target.

There isn’t much else known about the police raid or the robbery. “We are hopeful that the LAPD will handle this matter with tact and transparency,” said the spokesman. They also state that Polo G will provide supporters with an update on the matter at some point. Though it’s unclear what consequences Polo G may face, the raid surely puts a damper on some exciting plans he has in the works.

The musician is just a few weeks away from the release of his new album, Hood Poet, which is set to be released on September 15. He even recently stated that the record could be his last before retiring. Polo G released the album’s first single last week, and he later took to Twitter to share his opinions with his admirers. He claims that the rap game isn’t what it used to be, and that because he’s already made over $30 million, it’s time for him to take a break after Hood Poet. It is unknown how the artist’s legal condition will affect the release. Keep an eye on HNHH for more Polo G news.


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