Fousey is becoming increasingly popular on Kick, and not for the right reasons. Overall, the famed YouTube star turned streamer has been up to a lot of mischief.

He’s done streams with Adin Ross, Neon, Sneako, and a slew of other artists. His conduct throughout these streams, though, is strikingly similar to how he acted years ago during a manic episode. Many people are worried that he will damage someone or himself. Everything has been really frightening, and his admirers have continued to enable his shenanigans.

Yesterday, while streaming in the middle of the night, Fousey received a call from a strange stalker. On their own stream, this man had previously called Fousey’s mother. As a result, the famous streamer and the stalker engaged in a verbal brawl. The phone call eventually ended after some aggressive threats were exchanged. That’s when Fousey grabbed up the phone and dialed 911. He told the cops that someone was holding a gun to his head and threatening his mother. The streamer believed that this was the only way he could seek assistance from his stalker. He was, however, gravely misguided.

Calling in bogus hostage scenarios is a crime that can land you in jail. As you can see in the video below, the streamer became agitated as soon as the cops began questioning him. He was so enraged that he began cursing at the cops and calling them “stupid.” He was then arrested live on stream, and while being arrested, he began ranting and accused the cops of racism. He also yelled “Free Fousey” as he walked out the door.

Fousey’s ex-business colleague Keemstar chimed in, adding, “Bro swatted himself with a fake 911 call to get arrested on stream for clout.” Isn’t it Kick’s responsibility to do something? He’s going to hurt himself; he’s already assaulted two other people on the stream tonight.” Someone clearly needs to act before it is too late. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.


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