Sen. Ted Cruz fell for an apparent social media scam during Hurricane Hilary because he genuinely thought a shark was swimming through the flooded streets of Los Angeles.

The Texas senator added his own technical analysis to a tweet that featured a shark moving across what seemed to be a flooded L.A. roadway. I said, “Holy crap.”

Well, good ol’ Ted fell for the bait, hook, line, and sinker. He had retweeted a Tweet from Dan Katz of Barstool, who claimed that a buddy of his had shot the shark photo as they were traveling on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles.

The image is really modified, and it has shown numerous times over the previous ten years, generally when storms strike the United States. The first upload was made back in 2011, when Hurricane Irene devastated Puerto Rico.

Ted spends a lot of time on Elon Musk’s app, and while the storm was pouring loads of water on California on Sunday, the shark post became popular, Ted managed to overlook the community message providing context.

Interestingly, Ted’s native state experienced hurricanes when the shark image also gained popularity.

In the end, Ted understood he had been tricked, even though he appeared to justify it by remarking, “In LA, you never know…”

Yes, that was a cheap jab at liberal L.A., but given that Hilary was elected at the same time as an earthquake, he could have a point.


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