Mr. Dillon Soon, Danis and Logan Paul are going to fight, and both of them have been talking a lot of trash.

Danis, on the other hand, has been going too far. Logan is going to marry the model Nina Agdal, who has been with a lot of famous people in Hollywood. So, Danis has been taking advantage of this fact. He has been putting up many pictures of her with other guys to make Paul feel bad. All of the Andrew Tate fans I know seem to like this strategy. Though it makes some people roll their eyes.

Danis, for example, was called out by Corinna Kopf and Lena The Plug. First, Kopf took the lead by writing a long post. Kopf wrote, “I can’t be the only one who thinks Dillon Danis is as stupid as fuck for harassing a woman for no reason.” “Don’t talk trash to his fiancee, but to the person you’re fighting with. Someone should also tell him to stop sending and deleting texts to me and my friends. Lena then sent a message saying, “You are definitely not the only one.” big waste of power.”

As you can see above, Danis then sent some jokes to Kopf and Lena The Plug. Right now, Danis is going after pretty much everyone who calls him out, and he doesn’t care who he hurts. In the end, this is turning out to be a good plan for him. But it must be working, because he’s getting all the attention and interaction he wants. Even in the tweets below, Danis kept making fun of Kopf with memes.

No one knows how this fight with Logan Paul will end yet. Paul has every reason to knock Danis out. He could also be in his head because he sees so many pictures of his fiancee online. No matter what, the Internet is a harsh place.


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