As a result of a copyright case filed against him by a singer-songwriter, French Montana must now respond for an old song of his.

Skylar Gudasz also asserted that her 2020 song “Femme Fatal” had a significant contribution to the rapper’s 2022 song “Blue Chills.” In fact, Gudasz claimed in her legal action that if things had gone according to plan, he and his staff might have avoided the entire scenario. She reportedly received upfront payments and ongoing income for the sample, which included a 50% copyright share for publication, from French’s team. Gudasz claimed that the song was released despite the fact that the transaction was never finalized.

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No documented agreement, fees, royalties, license agreements, or money has ever been provided to the plaintiff, according to her lawyers, despite numerous promises from [French Montana’s team]. It also clarified the conditions surrounding their nearly completed collaboration. Deborah Mannis-Gardner, an industry executive renowned for her sample clearances, also contacted Gudasz in May 2022. They specifically agreed to include nearly $7,000 in up-front costs and a.08% master royalties reduction in the aforementioned agreement.

It also held half of the publication rights and a portion of the composition copyright. Mannis-Gardner allegedly responded to Gudasz’s inquiry regarding the release of “Blue Chills” with the phrase “Oh jeez” in her email. The lawsuit stated, “DMG continued to maintain there would be a definitive agreement, issued emails concluding the licensing agreement and requesting bills from plaintiff, which plaintiff timely delivered… and even sent plaintiff a congratulations email. In addition, French Montana appeared to praise Gudasz in Instagram comments and discussed her contribution to the song on Apple Music’s Rap Life Radio.

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In the meanwhile, Gudasz wants this fixed as quickly as possible despite his enormous success. Her attorneys argued that the defendants’ illegal and unlawful use of the music “Femme Fatale” had resulted in irreparable hurt, damage, and injury. “Plaintiff has been denied the proper experience of benefiting from and savoring the fruits of her labor,” the statement reads.


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