The British nurse Lucy Letby was found guilty of killing seven newborns in 2015 and 2016 and trying to kill six more.

According to a statement from the Crown Prosecution Service, Letby was found guilty of 14 of the 22 offences she was charged with following a 10-month trial at Manchester Crown Court. In regards to the attempted murder of an additional four babies, the 11-person jury was split.

On Monday, she will get a sentence at Manchester Crown Court.

Letby was a nurse at Chester, England’s Countess of Chester Hospital’s neonatal unit. Following a trial that featured horrifying testimony concerning her crimes, the defendants were found guilty.

After the trial, Pascale Jones of the Crown Prosecution Service stated in a statement obtained by PEOPLE that Letby’s attacks were “a complete betrayal of the trust placed in her.”

“Lucy Letby was entrusted to protect some of the most vulnerable babies,” the statement said. Little did those helping her realize that there was a murderer among them. She did everything in her power to hide her misdeeds, constantly harming the infants in her care in different ways.

The statement continued, “She sought to deceive her colleagues and pass off the harm she caused as nothing more than a worsening of each baby’s existing vulnerability. In her hands, innocuous substances like air, milk, fluids – or medication like insulin – would become lethal. She perverted her learning and weaponized her craft to inflict harm, grief and death.”

“Time and again, she harmed babies, in an environment which should have been safe for them and their families. Parents were exposed to her morbid curiosity and her fake compassion. Too many of them returned home to empty infant rooms. Many of the children who survived now suffer from her assaults on their lives.

Jones continued, “Thoughts are with families of the victims who may never find closure, but who now have answers to questions which had troubled them for years.”

After a year of puzzling newborn fatalities and near-deaths, senior medical employees became suspicious in 2016, leading to Letby’s removal from the neonatal unit.

According to the BBC, evidence presented during the trial showed that Letby, 33, sent a sympathy note to the parents of one of the babies she killed.

An image of the card, which includes the line, “Your loved one will be remembered with many smiles,” was presented in court earlier this year.

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According to Letby’s writing, “There are no words to make this time any easier,” the BBC reported. “Caring for [the child] and getting to know your family was a true honor; you always put [the child] first and went above and above for her. We will never forget her, and she will always be a part of your lives. I’ll be thinking of you always.

Letby expressed regret for being unable to attend the baby girl’s burial as well.

Sorry, I can’t be there to bid you farewell. Many thanks, Lucy,” she wrote.

According to the BBC, Letby has now been found guilty of the baby girl’s murder after attempting to do so three times.

The BBC reported that during the trial, the prosecution showed the jury Post-It notes that were found at Letby’s house and in which she claimed to be “evil” and to have “killed them on purpose,” according to the prosecution.

Other notes contained what prosecutor Nick Johnson described as “protestations of innocence,” with one reading: “I haven’t done anything wrong and they have no evidence so why have I had to hide away?” Other notes described her as a “horrible evil person” who isn’t “good enough.”


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