The cost of Amazon Music Unlimited is increasing for Prime and Family members. Here is the most recent.

The monthly cost of the individual plan for Prime members will increase from $8.99 to $9.99. This is consistent with pricing increases on other DSPs and what Warner Music CEO Robert Kyncl has predicted—further price increases for music streaming services are imminent. Additionally, the monthly cost of the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan will increase from $15.99 to $16.99. A further $10 increase will be applied to both annual plans, which now cost $169 for Family and $99 for Prime.

Oddly enough, the help files that reflect these modifications are currently unavailable. Here is what the Amazon Music Unlimited Pricing page looked like in several browsers and networks just before this article was published.

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Earlier this year, Amazon Music Unlimited’s price increased for non-Prime customers. With this $1 overall price rise, YouTube Music Premium is now competitive with Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and other streaming services.

For years, a monthly subscription to an unlimited music streaming service has cost $9.99. That must alter in order for artists to receive fair recompense, but how much? Robert Kyncl, CEO of Warner Music, has these opinions:

A recent conference call with investors had Kyncl saying, “If adjusted for inflation since 2011, the year that music streaming was introduced in the United States, the price of a monthly music subscription in the U.S. should be $13.25.” “If the monthly price of a music subscription had gone up by the same proportion, it would have increased from $9.99 where it was in 2011—to $19.37 today,” he continues after mentioning Netflix’s price hikes over the same time period.

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That is about twice as much as what a music streaming service is likely to cost in a few years. However, it is not yet apparent how that same inflation will affect consumers’ monthly decisions to cancel subscription services. According to some estimates, 10% of customers who fall into the “disposable income” group will consider canceling subscriptions.


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